Justice: Class Action Lawsuit


Justice is involved in a class action lawsuit and you may be owed money if you’ve shopped there between January of 2012 through February of 2015.

Option 1 (Claim with no documentation of Justice purchases): Up to $20 cash award or up to $30 Justice voucher based on state of residence. For a more detailed explanation of payment by state, a chart can be viewed in the Justice Settlement FAQ. Apparently, you need an access code to submit a claim even without documentation of Justice purchases so I’m not sure how this option works.

Option 2 (Claim with documentation of Justice purchases): Cash payment of 14% of your documented purchases or a Justice voucher for 20% of your documented purchase.There is no maximum cash payment if you have documentation of your purchases.

In order to qualify for option 2, individuals are required to provide 1) documentation of 6 or more Justice purchases or 2) a single purchase at Justice totaling $105 or more. Documentation can be in the form of bank statements, credit card statements and/or Justice receipts.

No documentation is required for option 1.

Keep in mind, the deadline for submitting a claim is April 4, 2016. That should give you some time to locate those old receipts and bank statements.

Click here for more information or to file a claim, or call 1-877-854-5282.


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