Michaels: $2 Grab Bags!

As part of their effort to move their remaining Christmas merchandise, Michaels stores sells what they call Grab Bags” for only $2 each. These are bags filled with surprise items that you aren’t supposed to open until after you purchase them. This year, in my part of the world, they were actually boxes! Check out the contents of just one box from the store on Washtenaw Avenue in Ann Arbor that my coworker got:

Seeing this, I jetted off to the Canton Michaels on Ford Road. Their boxes weren’t nearly as good. This is what one of their boxes was filled with:

Feeling disappointed with the contents of the box I purchased in Canton, I sent my husband to the Michaels near his workplace the next day. Check out what was in the box he bought from the Michaels in Brighton:

So if your near a Michaels store, stop in and check to see if they have any grab bags or boxes left! They would be near the checkout area in front. They’re like a box of chocolates…


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