Savvy Valentine Ideas for Kids!

I’m all about getting Valentine Cards for 90% OFF from Target and using them for next year… but there are so many cute and super savvy ideas out there for those of you with a crafty side! Check out some of my favorites below:

“Owl” always be your friend! FREE printable from Smitten Blog Designs.

Superhero Valentines from Little Bit Funky with FREE printable.

Valentine finger puppets from Spoonful.

Valentine Finger Puppet

“Orange You Awesome” also from Spoonful with FREE printable.

Orange You Awesome! Free Printable Valentine

Dinosaur Valentines from Embellish with FREE printable.

You’re all that and a bag of chips” with FREE printable.

More free printable Valentines at

This one needs no explaining!

DIY Valentine’s day gifts going in Vince's lunchbox on valentines day!

Bubble Gum Valentine from Smart School House with FREE printable.

BLOW MY HEART UP – Bubble Gum Valentine Craft & free printable

Check out my Pinterest Valentine Board for more savvy Valentine ideas!


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