My Coke Rewards: 12 Days of Holiday Rewards

My Coke Rewards is hosting the 12 Days of Holiday Rewards through 12/12/13 where they will be offering great rewards for you to cash in your points for! They go live at 12 noon EST so be prepared to act quickly. The site tends to run slowly though during promotion time, so it’ll likely be a “hurry-up-and-wait” kind of situation! Here is what you will need to do when the offer goes live each day:

  • Click here
  • Sign in/register for an account
  • Enter at least one code (you will only be able to access the offer after you enter a code so have one ready)

  • After entering a code, you’ll see an image like the one above. Click on the red “View Collection” button
  • Click on the special offer (today it was a $25 Target Gift Card for only 600 points)

By the way, if you’re looking for a good sale on 12-pack coke products, you can get 6 for $2.50 each (plus deposit) at CVS this week in Southeast Michigan stores after Extra Care Bucks. Here’s how:

  • Buy 6 12-pack of 12oz. cans for a total of $20 + deposit
  • Pay $20 + deposit
  • Get back $5 Extra Care Bucks for spending $20
  • Final Cost = $15 for 6. Just $2.50 + deposit each!

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