Rainbow Care Bear Themed Birthday Party

So I’ve been blogging about steals and deals for over a year now and I think it’s time to diversify into other aspects of savvy living!! This post is about a recent birthday party I put together for my little girls (recent as in two months ago because I tend to procrastinate). I’m also a bit of a Pinterest addict so I did a lot of research prior to the party and put together this board for the girls’ Rainbow Care Bear Themed party. As you can see, it was¬†mainly a Rainbow themed party because that is what the girls chose, but since I had some Care Bear stuff, I decided to add some of that to the mix.

The first thing that I prepared for the party were cool streamer decorations. I hate the traditional use of streamers since it is so outdated so I loved that this was something neat and new that I could try. My inspiration came from this that I found on Pinterest:

Since I consider myself to be savvy, I figured I’d make a couple of these myself. Much to my excitement, they were pretty easy to make and came out looking good (at least I think they did)!

All I used were 2 wire hangers, tape, scissors and different colored streamers.


First, I reshaped the wire hangers into circles. Looking at the photo now, I realize that I probably should have rearranged things a bit so that the circles didn’t look like blue breasts! Sorry!!


Then, all I did was tape the streamers in the color pattern of a rainbow to the wire. I didn’t bother measuring the streamers because I wanted them to all be different lengths.


Once they were done, I taped them to the ceiling over the lights! It didn’t occur to me to take photos of the circle-rainbow-streamer-thingies to show you but I do have this photo of them in the¬†background:


Want to see what else I created for the party?

The second thing I did for the party was a home made pinata. Now I am no way proficient in the use of paper mache so I used a much more savvy method – a paper bag and streamers. Yep, that’s it!

Here was my “Pinspiration” = as in Pinterest inspiration:

Super easy make at home pinata (out of a paper bag)

And here was the final result:


You’ll notice the paper bag in the foreground that the kiddo is holding. One of the activities that the kids did was decorating their own paper bag to collect goodies from the pinata when it broke open.

So I hope you enjoy this posting. Check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration! Here are a few more photos of our party…


I used food coloring to turn milk pink then froze it into hearts. I then put the pink hearts into the kiddos white milk that they had with birthday cake. I also froze lemonade into stars to put with lemonade. Cute, huh?


I moved the treats from the dessert table out of fear the kiddos would knock it over. I really should have take a picture of it before I moved it but oh well! Here are some of the treats we enjoyed:


IMG_8092 IMG_8119 IMG_8126 IMG_8128


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